The Up and Out Lift Harness…

Win a big pile of everything

Kyjen is running a contest this month…..they are giving away one of each of their products this month, and I LOVE all of the Kyjen lines!! So check this out…..

The Up and Out Lift Harness from Outward Hound.

Up and Out Lift HarnessEveryone with a larger dog needs to own this harness as their dog gets older, it increases your dog’s mobility, keeps you traveling, and saves your back!!! I used this harness for about two years with Kuma, and wish that I had found it sooner. Kuma had trouble getting up and down stairs, and since we lived on the second or third floor for most of his life, stairs were a daily issue. Once we purchased the harness from our vet, he would stand at the bottom and wait for me to Velcro the harness around him.  It is so easy to put on, and then provides even support throughout his body.  the handles on the top are slightly cushioned so they don’t dig into your hand by the top of the stairs. After he developed cataracts and couldn’t see, we would use the harness to negotiate the ice and snow outside our door too! It allowed both of us to enjoy being outside, without worrying about him falling and me having to carry him over the slippery surfaces.Kuma

I can’t recommend this product enough…..if you, or anyone you know, has an aging larger dog, buy this harness today!!! The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t get one sooner! (Ask for the harness at your local vet or other dog supply retailer, or click here to purchase directly from Kyjen’s retail store.)

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