introducing Lucy…


Don't those brown eyes just make you melt?

Lucy is an adorable, energetic two year old Boxer/Pit Bull mix.  She was adopted by a friend of mine while he was single and he recently had added a new little baby boy into the family and Lucy wants to play. I am a huge advocate of making sure that you if you adopt a dog, you are willing to make that 10 to 15 year commitment, that you can’t just get rid of a dog because it is inconvenient, however, people do come first, so Steve is helping Lucy find a more appropriate home.

Lucy is a great dog for a family with older children and would love a doggie friend to live with. She understands “no”, heels on your right side when you walk her and sits when you stop, she loves to sleep in her kennel and asks to go outside (without barking!).  She currently has some difficulty listening when not on a leash, but should get better with some training. Steve really wishes he could spend the time with her to teach her, but a newborn and a full-time job, just doesn’t leave him enough time.

Lucy, like most of us, has a few quirks.  She doesn’t like having her nails clipped and is skittish around blowing leaves.  She loves all dogs, even small dogs, but she can play a little rough. She does bark at strangers when they come to the door, and will jump on her friends, but calms down quickly. She loves to hike and be scratched between the ears.

Lucy is honored to be the first of my 40 dogs…..and is excited to find a new home where she can run and play!!!  So, let me know if you have space for Lucy…..and stay tuned to hear more about Lucy’s story!!


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