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www.understand-a-bull.comSince a small computer virus decided to join me for my birthday, I  have been working on recreating my first post for the 40 dogs commitment I made as part of Blog the Change, the tale of two lucys… Then I came across this YouTube video from Paws4Change, and decided to write this one first.

Breed-specific legislation is a law or ordinance passed by a legislative body pertaining to a specific breed or breeds of domesticated animals. In practice, it generally refers to laws or ordinances pertaining to a specific dog breed or breeds.

I live in a state where BSL is being enacted city by city, county by county, housing complex by housing complex. I have lived in Denver where even letting your dog out to pee can mean it will be taken from you, if your dog looks like a pit bull. I have lived in a complex where all terriers, bulldogs, great Danes, dobermans, rottweilers or any dog over 100 pounds is restricted from even entering the gates. And when I went looking for a dog to adopt this past spring, I too was guilty of looking for a dog that would be “easier” to own (ie, not a pit bull). Although, I am a very strong believer that you should take a long look at your lifestyle and ability to care for a dog BEFORE bringing one into your family. Including looking at the general temperament, size and characteristics of the breed you are planning on adopting. You should look towards the hysteria created by the media and BSL laws for this information. You should talk to your local shelters and rescue groups. You should look to such reputable groups as And you do need to check your local laws to make sure you do not adopt a dog that is restricted in your area. Until we all work together to repeal these laws, we must follow them to insure that no dog is euthanized based only on how he or she looks.

WHAT WE ALL CAN DO:Please Ask Before Petting!!

  • Visit these anti BSL links from Oh My Dog Blog! - and share what you learn with others.
  • Work to enact anti-aggression laws, not BSL!! – “BSL leads people to believe that only some breeds can be aggressive, when all dogs have the capacity for aggression”. Laws should deal with aggressive dogs on a case by case basis.
  • Challenge yourself and your friends to “Find the Bull” - you will be surprised when you take this challenge from
  • Be responsible pet owners – and encourage others to do the same! Obey all leash laws. Work with your dog to teach them to be friendly and well behaved. Pick up your poop. Don’t bring your dog where they aren’t allowed.
  • Write letters to your local government officials to protest current BSL laws. Keep writing and making your voice heard until all BSL is repealed.
  • Learn about bite prevention, and protect yourself and your family. Remember all dogs can bite.
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