following a sucessful surgery and headed home…

Lake Dillon

Beautiful fall day on Lake Dillon, Colorado

Mom is back home and doing great!!

Mom came out of surgery Tuesday at about 11:30 am. Dr. Gill was very pleased with how everything went in surgery, he was able to fully decompress the spinal cord from the C3 to C7 level. Mom’s strength and feeling in both arms and legs improved dramatically immediately following surgery. So we are off to a promising start for a great long term recovery. Forgoing any complications, we are not anticipating any further surgery to be necessary. And everyone is anticipating her recovering most if not all of her strength and sensation!

We are stayed in the hospital Tuesday night, and are most likely headed home this afternoon. She can stay here one more night if we want, but the PT, OT and Drs. all agree she can go home if she would like.  She is still a little wobbly from the surgery and the medications, and given the stairs at the townhouse we are waiting till this afternoon to make the final decision.

Overall mom’s pain is minimal, however she does have some increased pain around the surgical site, which is to be expected. She has great function and mobility, even though she is experiencing some of the same stiffness from before the surgery. We have taken a couple of laps around the hospital and done the stairs too, but we don’t want to over do it.

The next few weeks are mostly filled with rest.  She starts PT at Howard Head Sports Medicine in about two weeks, and alsoAspen tree in fall returns for a follow up appointment with Dr. Gill later this month.  She has been fitted with a soft collar and will be wearing that for at least three weeks. Hopefully the winter weather stays away for a few more weeks so that we can get out and enjoy the fall weather and get out for some walks along the recreation path.

We definitely want to thank everyone here at St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center and Peak One Surgery CenterDr. Sonny Gill, Justin Grube PA-C, Dr. Steven Beneke, the nursing staff (including Kim, Jen, Heather and Christie), and all the great therapists, the respiratory therapists:  Jonas and Jerry, PT & OT). We had a great experience here, with incredible guest services. Thank you all so much.

Thank you so much for all of your notes and comments, it has been wonderful to know that so many people are sending healing thoughts her way.  I will continue to post updates here for the next few months, if you want to be notified when they are posted please leave a comment here with your email address.  Or if you prefer you can sign up to receive the RSS feed of Simply Life by clicking on the RSS icon in the top right of the page.

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  • Kristi Cavanagh
    October 6, 2010

    Jennifer, thank you for the update on your mom’s surgery. I am SO happy to hear that it all went well for her and that she is feeling good post-op. If there is anything I can do to help after she comes home, please let me know! Please keep me posted! Kristi

  • carol and Kenn
    October 6, 2010

    so glad you felt well enough to go home.. You’re amazing. Get rest, and take care. Love ya Carol
    PS Jen, give me a call and keep me on your list.

    • jenifer
      October 7, 2010

      Thank you so much for the great dinner & beautiful flowers!!! It means so much to me that my mom has such great friends!!! I can’t thank you, Jenny & Ned, Paul & Nancy and Gwen & Ray, enough for all your thoughtfulness.

  • Nicola at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
    October 7, 2010

    Thanks for the update Jennifer, I’m so glad the surgery went well. Keep me on the update list

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