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I'm the Luckiest Dog

Jenks and I are definitely meant to be together.  Although he only rescued me about 4 months ago, we instantly connected, so I often forget that he has only been by my side for such a short period of time. I was, however, reminded of how little I truly know about him. 

As we head off to our first event together, BlogPaws, I am a little unsure about what to expect.  I do know that he does have some latent anxiety issues from his life before the shelter, but we are still discovering (and dealing with) new things each day.

We have been working through his issues with bridges and open stairs and I haven’t really addressed his anxiety with skateboards. But on a recent trip to Denver I discovered several things about Jenks:

  • He doesn’t like “elevator dragons” or the metal hotel stairs. (I decided to coax him onto the elevator rather than up & down 11 stories every time we had to venture out).
  • He won’t step on any grates or metal on the sidewalks, this extended to any shadows that looked like they might be a metal grate. (So, we weaved our way down the street)
  • He loves the automatic revolving door.

I am hoping that we will negotiate our way through the weekend, keeping both of our anxiety levels low.  But mostly I am looking forward to Thanks so much for all the fun at the Bark Park!learning more about Jenks, working together to learn that although the world can be a big scary place, that if we are together we can face any challenge head on, and showing off my amazing buddy.

So if you are at BlogPaws this weekend, say hello, and feel free to offer suggestions to the girl with the yellow lab who refuses to get in the elevator!

Update: Jenks did a great job at BlogPaws. I chose to stay in a smaller hotel, minimizing elevators and city noises, which kept his anxiety level low.  And Jenks wants me to thank everyone who helped out in the Bark Park, he had a great time!!! And he hopes to see his buddy Miles and Snotface the ferret again! Thanks to PetSmart and Kyjen for making sure the room was filled with great toys, water bowls, dog beds and tennis balls.

(This post is a revision of my comment on Boulder Dog’s post, “Mom, I want an iPaw!” -
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