Hero dogs of 9/11….

9/11/2001 changed our lives forever.

Take a moment to watch this video about the Hero Dogs of 9/11, and remember.

Take a few minutes to pray for the 2976 victims of this tragic day.

Remember how proud we all felt in the weeks after 9/11 as we watched over 10,000 men and women converge on Ground Zero in the largest mobilization of emergency workers in the history of the United States.

And how 300 of them proved, without a doubt, that they were indeed man’s best friend.

Never Forget.

This video is being shared with you thanks to the hard work and dedication of Kenn Bell at The Dog Files.

Many thanks to Kenn for creating this beautiful tribute to the Hero Dogs of 9/11.

National Disaster Search Dog FoundationSearch dogs help save lives every day. One organization providing support for the dogs and their handlers is the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.  Thank them, check out their website and donate.

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