finding a dream…


“Don’t be afraid of the space
between your dreams and reality.
If you can dream it, you can make it so.”
~ Belva Davis

Overall, my life has been filled with setbacks. But I guess everyone’s life has. This time the tough part isn’t getting back up, or putting the pieces back together.

This time the tough part is finding a new dream…..

Since I’ve had way too much practice at having things fall apart, I really do know what to expect. Each time life doesn’t turn out as hoped, be it because of some really stupid choices on my part, or just because that’s what life does, I pull myself back up and I put the pieces of my life back together. Then, I start hoping. Hoping for something better, knowing that there is more. And I read. I read lots, and lots, and lots of things about perseverence and how anything is possible if you just try and about . I look at books that talk about new careers, about new hobbies, about things I’ve done before, about things I’ve never tried. Eventually, I find something that sounds interesting, something that I want to work towards.

I decided I wanted to work in sports medicine, so I volunteered, I got a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training, I got a job as the athletic trainer at a Ski Academy in Maine, and then I reached the goal I had set for myself back in elementary school, I went to work at a PT clinic in Vail, Colorado where I treated professional athletes, US Ski Team members, and lots of recreational athletes. I hated it. Not the patients, not the doctors, but being an athletic trainer in a PT clinic. So I left.

I picked myself up and decided that I would become a mountain woman. I got a job teaching snowboarding at Vail. It was fun, I was good at it, but winter ended. Having gone rafting twice before in my life, I decided that I would become a raft guide. Because, I could do anything I put my mind to, right? Well, I did get a job, but I wouldn’t say that I was really good at this one. I spent my summer rafting the Upper Colorado river (a Class II – III or a float trip), camping and slowly going broke. I realized that trying to support myself by being a mountain woman wasn’t really going to work for me.

Skipping forward a few ups and several downs in my life, here I am. Trying to redefine myself once again. Trying to figure out what my dreams are this time. I want to have a goal, and I have read all the info on how to make a plan to achieve my goal, but I haven’t found the one that tells me how to find my new direction……

So for now, I spend time working to build my graphic design business, learning more about web design, spending time with Jenks, and trying to do things that make me happy……

One day my dreams will appear……that I beleive in……

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