bird in the hand…

baby bird

So what exactly do you do when someone hands you a baby bird with a broken wing?

The only answer I could come up with, was “Thank you.”

It was an all too typical day, I had more to get done than I could possibly get done in a day.  I had spent the morning working on a couple of design projects, then I was cleaning out the storage room at my parents town home, with years of new stuff, on top of stuff still in the moving boxes from 10 years ago, and all underneath a new layer of accumulated packing baby birdboxes and bubble wrap getting ready for their move back to New York.  With the overzealous to-do list adding a couple hours at the dog park, working on the stairs in the rock garden, and then working on several design projects, including my own website.

So caught up in my own little tornado of activity, I watch a young boy come up to the front of the garage, thinking, I don’t have time for this….. But, he holds out a small bird, and in very broken English explains that it has a hurt wing. So, I thank him, and he heads  back across the parking lot to his father. Slightly irritated that I now had something else to deal with, I put the bird on the front patio between a couple of planters filled with petunias, and start to head back into the garage, and stop.

I look over at the bird, and it is looking right back at me…..the epic to-do list set aside for the moment. My thoughts went to caring for this bird. So, I rearrange the flower pots to give the bird some shade (and to protect it from Cocoa when she heads out for her afternoon walk with my Dad), grabbing the frisbee discarded by the neighbor’s Golden, Buck, I fill it with water.  The first attempt ot land the bird, ended instead with frantic flapping followed by a nose dive into the grass. Round two is slightly more successful, perching the bird on a rock. And I head back to organizing the pile of moving boxes.

baby birdNow what…..
I have absolutely no idea what to do with this bird……
So,  I call my mom.

Then my friend Melissa. Then my neighbor Carey.

And then Avon Pet Center….Dr. McGrath and the rest of the staff (Jeff, Chyna, Amber & Dani), always have taken such incredible care of me, Kuma, Cocoa and now Jenks, so why not see what they had to say about what I should do. And I shouldn’t have been the least surprised when they said to bring it in.

While starring in my own Sylvester and Tweety cartoon, the bird, Jenks and I headed off down I-70. Bird in a cardboard box, flapping its wings. Jenks intently staring at the bird, waiting for the chance to look innocent, while feathers stuck out either side of his mouth.
Pulling into the parking lot, I grab the cardboard box, and head up the stairs with a big smile and laughing. Not what I thought my day would be, but so glad for what it had become.

Inside Dani and Jeff took little tiny x-rays of the wing, and perched it on Dani’s shoulder. It would head home to her parrot, cat and 2 dogs to rest for it’s release back into the wild.

If you can get past the cute bird pics, and the cute/funny story, hopefully you too can see that sometimes the “annoying interruptions” can actually be where the best moments happen. They can actually make your life better.

I did eventually get the garage cleaned out, Jenks made it to the dog park, and one of these days the website will actually have a couple of pages.

But what I will remember is holding that little life, the little bird in my hand….

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